26 April, 2009

Excuses of life.


So...I just finished having my lunch. Afterward I ran to the dorms for only a short bit...it was going to be quick. So, I parked in the ten minute parking. Well, twelve minutes later I come down to leave...
I am getting a ticket.
In this case I feel justified to not get a ticket. I want to say "its just two minutes long"..."its sunday and no-one is here"..."I am an RA"...or a million other excuses.
In life its the same human nature has us think with excuses. "I'm not that bad." "I don't deserve death." "Look at that guy." "It was only a little sin."

The point is. I was parked there over ten minutes. I have no excuse.
We are sinners. We have no excuse.
Thanks be to God for His Son!