23 August, 2010

Happy Monday 8.23.10

So near to missing all of Monday, to post this new weekly addition... Sorry about the wait (if there are those out there waiting)

I went home this weekend! Loved it! I miss the solitude and peace.

  • If you have a home...be thankful. There are many who do not.

  • Raced in the local 5k and placed 1st, as well as taking first in the amazing race. Thanks to my partner, Tanner! Next month is a great month for entering and completing a race!

  • Be thankful for your ability to do things...whatever you do.
  • One of my favorite shows to watch (in the seldom event I choose to watch something other than what is around me) Survivorman. If you get the chance check it out.

  • Today, a few of my friends and I invited a hitch-hicker to a bible study. His name was George Nelson. And he certainly was not by any means a Christian. If you would I ask that you pray for him as you think about it. I hope that our time with him will be used by God in a good and positive way, and that it may help him find salvation in Christ.

If you are curious of my faith, please check it out. Feel free to ask me any questions you would like.
Since there is no greater blessing than Salvation in Christ, I will leave it there.

Have a beautiful, wonderful week. If you come to troubles, know you come to them not alone. :)

20 August, 2010

Friday Funny! 8.20.10

As I am now picking up a routine for every Monday with 'Happy Mondays', I have decided to begin a rountine for my Friday aswell.

Welcome to the first 'Friday Funny', I got my idea from fellow blogger 'Steve in a Speedo.

Monkey Butt

16 August, 2010

Happy Monday!


Hello Everybody!

It's MONDAY! Yea, I know sometimes Mondays are a drag...they are the day that stifles the fun of the weekend, and brings us all to yet another week of work or school. But, there are so many good things and blessings, within this day too!!! At times it's just difficult to remember that.
So, this is the beginning of 'Happy Monday!'!!! I will be blogging weekly on this day with the simple purpose of sharing with you all the things I have found to be happy about. These blogs may be small in length, but I hope you will leave them smiling and more fully aware of how great a day it really is! I stole the idea from Snippet & Ink, whom I enjoy following, and it will be in a format that is a bit erratic; you may find everything from, short statements to lengthy stories, links to funny sites to verses from the Bible.

Welcome, to Happy Monday!

  • Before I leave this world I really would like to learn to juggle...since I woke again today, I have another chance to learn!

  • This past week was a great opportunity to view meteors, check out these 12 awesome meteor photos. If you have kids, and have not given them the opportunity to see this amazing view created by God, please give them that chance. :) 

  • Cardinals fans be excited! Even as we have fallen to number two in the division, we are still fighting hard and Albert is helping us with his record setting homeruns!

  • Since I have bought the new Apple, I have started listening to Podcasts, and absolutly love them! If you too listen to podcasts, I highly recommend Tommy Nelson's podcast at Denton Bible Church. If you get a chance, check it out, I think you will like it.

  • If you are in the Weatherford area on Thursday night, come check out my friends from Green Corn Revival, perform at my number one hang-out spot The Cup. They perform at 7 P.M.

  • 'always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy' Philippians 1:4

  • If you have things that are making you happy this day, or if you have something share with others, please feel free to post!

In closing,


Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself 
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.

-Oh the Places You Will GO - Dr. Seuss

15 August, 2010

Window to My Day

Just a random picture, I miss the old crew... :)

Good Sunday, everybody!

Boy this week has been tiring, with move-in here on campus and all of the work it takes to prepare for another school year. Stewart hall now has all but our last forty (or so) residents moved in, and have completed our first event of the semester; NoonCakes!
We served around seventy-five residents and others this morning at noon following church. I think it went well and is the beginning to a great year!

Tonight, I will be playing OOZEBALL with the 'DawgDays Committee'! Really looking forward to winning the oozeball tournament :), I will be adding pictures soon!

On other notes.
I will begin once again running. These past couple of weeks since the 'Tinhorn incident', I have not ran even one mile!!! Crazy, I know. It is the longest break I have had (I think) in the last three years!

Yesterday, I began reading Jungle Pilot, the story about Nate Saint; his life, and missionary journey in Ecuador. I really enjoy it, as I figured I would as it is the writing that encouraged the making of End of the Spear, which is one of my favorite films!

Well, to all you in the Weatherford area; come join the fun tonight! Hope your day is grand!

13 August, 2010

Please Watch


Everyone, please watch this video. I could not help but tear up throughout it all...
Please thank the men and women who serve you and this country.

After you watch it, ask yourself why you don't cling to our Heavenly Father, as we cling to our eathly fathers...I want to run into the arms of my Savior every morning, I want clasp Him with my legs and crawl up to have Him hold me.

I realize that to watch this video you must have facebook...I am sorry if you don't.

04 August, 2010

Guess it was time for a slowdown (forced).

Well, as usual I have been running around crazy these last few weeks... That however, has changed a little this week. Although things have still been hectic, they are slower. This is how they got that way...

Saturday July 31, began with me and nine of my close friends setting out to float the Lower Illinois River. Things were awesome, sitting in the country-side of Talequah, Oklahoma, about to relax and just bask in the sun for a few hours.

We started our float trip slightly before ten that morning. At about ten after ten, I was about to begin telling everyone to watch out for all the unseen debris in the water (as I was wearing polarized sunglasses and could see the bottom quite well). 'About', because I never started voicing this warning. See at the same time I thought "I ought address this.", I also spotted a very nice sized channel cat in a deep pool.
Upon seeing this catfish, I imagined a picture with me broad-smiling and holding this beast! So, of course I dove in after him.
A split-second after my feet left the raft, my left hair line met the sharp edge of a thrown away tinhorn. :(

While still beneath the surface, I lifted my hand to feel the cut. My immediate thought and those that followed went like this, "That's four inches...I am going to the ER...well maybe not...maybe it's just a scrape." So I open my eyes, and as I see the clear water in the far corners of my vision growing steadily dark red, I realize my initial analysis was spot on.

So, I rose at the bank of the water and begin to relay my new found reality to the others; who scammer and squirm to help me back in the raft. Then, they quickly throw shirts to me...which even though I never placed them on my wound still became soaked in my vital liquid.

Once situated squarely in the raft...perched on the bow, I ask for the gauze and first aid kit. Then, I proceeded to bandage the two lacerations (which I am proud only took about ninety seconds, and stood not only the test of stopping the faucet, but also received complements from the Talequah ER staff).

So, after all this excitement we continued to float down till we were able to see vehicles. Where,  I exited our vessel and allowed the others to continue on the adventure of our remaining five and half miles of float trip.

Upon walking toward a group, I found, a gentleman willing to drive me to my vehicle downstream!!! Thank you, Chris Raines!
 Then we drove to town and to the ER, where greater treatment was administered.

All in all. The trip was good! The injury was eye opening. The story is a good one to tell...
God was looking after me!

19 stitches total...at least the swelling is now reducing.
(If you want photos of the original doctoring or the covered t-shirts, let me know...but for the sake of the others, I am refraining from placing those photos up.)

Readers: Do you have any stories of injury, whether to your body, pride, or both? If so please share!