28 July, 2008

Thoughts on Project and on Home

...as you maybe able to ascertain from the photo, I am thinking of home quite a lot. If you have had a conversation with me anytime recent then you have not a doubt that is the case indeed.

As this project comes to a close in the next 14ish days...I find myself in thought a lot. In all directions. Thoughts of back home and the next several years...thoughts on the last ten weeks and what I have learned as I have been here in Juneau. I will try to share a few with you...they will be just as random as they are in my head. Good luck following :)

I am really looking forward (I say "looking forward" to because if I said "I can´t wait" then Dad would respond "I bet you do") to returning back to Oklahoma...being near my closest friends and family. I miss so many random often seemingly small things: my dog; Whiskey, TheCup, Sunday mornings and the body of believers I see as family, flat land, (surprisingly) wind, warmth from the sun, my parents and brother, my closest friends. All of these have been daily on my thoughts as I have been here in Alaska... I have also had a lot of thoughts about Thanksgiving and bow hunting...strange I know but I think it has to do with the cool weather.

I am also looking forward to the trip back home, even though it is going to be a fast paced adventure of sleeping on the road and few bathroom breaks. I have secured a few of my closest friends here to ride in my vehicle and I am very excited about the conversations that we will be having during the course of those many hours. 

I have also been thinking about this project...what I have learned from the situations I have been placed in and the people I have been around. I do not think I can expound upon much of this now...but I shall once I am away from here and have spent time adequately dissecting this summer.

I obviously look forward to seeing each of you upon my return...again I thank each of you for the hours you have committed to praying for me and my friends here on this project.

Love You

16 July, 2008

Almost Back

Well. Projects and missions are full of ups and downs that is for sure.

Things have been good! I am reminded fairly frequently that I am here for a reason. This is a huge help to my perspective and attitude...seeing God's hand in everything. Staff left about A bit over a week ago (which means we have more freedom to make this project our own), this a big help in morale for all of us here as we have much more time to pour into each other and build one another up. This also helps us be more authentic as we reach out to the community each in our own unique ways.
For me this new found freedom means more time in the Word, more time with my brothers, and more time spent in outreaching in the community! These last few days have made such a difference in this summer for me. And I am very excited to see what all He changes in me during the remainder of this summer. He has been showing me new things involving pride, grace, brokenness, among other things.
To expound on the area of pride: He has been helping me define pride vs. humility, confidence vs. over-confidence ... where I fall in regards to these things, and where He desired me as a godly man to sit in these.

On other notes:
1. I have been working less and less as my employer has been hesitant to give me hours as my CDL fell through. I am fully qualified to drive the bus all I have left is taking the road test. Well the tester is on vacation until August 4th. My last day of work is August 7th. So let's just say they are not happy that they spent $200 on the rest of the process for it to fall through.

2. I have been running into a strange crowd these last few days. Yesterday, me and 2 other friends ran into a young guy named Neewall who plans to sail south to Washington and is apart of the occult (best I can describe it as based upon what he told me). Today, (after five good hours in the Word, and an otherwise amazing day) this guy named Peter started talking to me about his views on God and faith...to say the least they are very far from the mark.
Between these two conversations I have spent about an hour of time trying to share the gospel of Christ, only to be met with statements their own beliefs that are lies given to their hearts by the evil-one.
Bottom line...it has just been real demoralizing to see the state of peoples spiritual health and their rejection of Christ. Pray for them please. Pray for Christ to work on their hearts so that others may be used to bring them His love.

In closing. Thank you all so much for your prayers! They mean so very much. Thank you, Thank you. I look forward to seeing you all!