28 July, 2008

Thoughts on Project and on Home

...as you maybe able to ascertain from the photo, I am thinking of home quite a lot. If you have had a conversation with me anytime recent then you have not a doubt that is the case indeed.

As this project comes to a close in the next 14ish days...I find myself in thought a lot. In all directions. Thoughts of back home and the next several years...thoughts on the last ten weeks and what I have learned as I have been here in Juneau. I will try to share a few with you...they will be just as random as they are in my head. Good luck following :)

I am really looking forward (I say "looking forward" to because if I said "I can´t wait" then Dad would respond "I bet you do") to returning back to Oklahoma...being near my closest friends and family. I miss so many random often seemingly small things: my dog; Whiskey, TheCup, Sunday mornings and the body of believers I see as family, flat land, (surprisingly) wind, warmth from the sun, my parents and brother, my closest friends. All of these have been daily on my thoughts as I have been here in Alaska... I have also had a lot of thoughts about Thanksgiving and bow hunting...strange I know but I think it has to do with the cool weather.

I am also looking forward to the trip back home, even though it is going to be a fast paced adventure of sleeping on the road and few bathroom breaks. I have secured a few of my closest friends here to ride in my vehicle and I am very excited about the conversations that we will be having during the course of those many hours. 

I have also been thinking about this project...what I have learned from the situations I have been placed in and the people I have been around. I do not think I can expound upon much of this now...but I shall once I am away from here and have spent time adequately dissecting this summer.

I obviously look forward to seeing each of you upon my return...again I thank each of you for the hours you have committed to praying for me and my friends here on this project.

Love You

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