03 September, 2008


...please pray for this.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I can not fully explain the feelings I have when I think about this school year here at SWOSU. But I can try:
This all starts last year (well even before that)...anyway last year God really worked on my heart in a few areas: Bible Studies (Dorm Bible studies in particular), and Revival! He not only grew my heart in these areas but he watered them and gave them direction. On the Bible studies he placed me in position where I could implement multiple studies in the dorms...a place were we as Christians have such an oppurtunity to effect those around us. We now have five different Bible studies running and within three weeks we will have eight!!! Not only that but He has blessed them with such a crop of strong Christian men and women.
Secondly. REVIVAL. It started with a desire to see the campus ministries move in unison a Body...so after a lot of prayer God very directly pointed me to one key person in every ministry and we all begun meeting once a month last year...well since we have begun moving as a Body all across campus. It is such a beautiful thing...We meet together on mondays at 7 to pray for the campus...its students, its faculty...OUR HEARTS are all one. We pray for revival and have been solidly for the last year...And believe me there is something different this year here at SWOSU....

a good friend of mine from a fellow ministry and myself have committed to meeting in at 7 o'clock every morning this year...it is a big commitment and we would like prayer for strength in this. We also welcome anyone to come and be apart of this...even if you are not on campus...meet with us all the same.

So in all of these quickly typed words...please take this away. We would love for you to pray for SWOSU too!

29 August, 2008

A New Page.

Well. I am back and have been for about two weeks now! It is so very nice to be back here in Oklahoma...I missed so much: the warmth of the sun, the friendliness of the people, the breeze (not the wind lol), my dog (Whiskey), my friends and family, and so much more.
Now that I am back I have had the opportunity to reflect a bit on my time spent in Juneau and how it has changed me...and taught me things. Things like:

- Stand firm in the direction given by the Word of God and by the convictions given by the Holy Spirit, regardless of opposition.
- Sometimes people will hate you for you Faith.
- Don't have expectations...instead just have anticipations.
- Humble yourself to let Christ work through you.

There are a great many of things in addition to these that I have found true through my travels this summer. I look forward to telling you about them in person!

28 July, 2008

Thoughts on Project and on Home

...as you maybe able to ascertain from the photo, I am thinking of home quite a lot. If you have had a conversation with me anytime recent then you have not a doubt that is the case indeed.

As this project comes to a close in the next 14ish days...I find myself in thought a lot. In all directions. Thoughts of back home and the next several years...thoughts on the last ten weeks and what I have learned as I have been here in Juneau. I will try to share a few with you...they will be just as random as they are in my head. Good luck following :)

I am really looking forward (I say "looking forward" to because if I said "I can´t wait" then Dad would respond "I bet you do") to returning back to Oklahoma...being near my closest friends and family. I miss so many random often seemingly small things: my dog; Whiskey, TheCup, Sunday mornings and the body of believers I see as family, flat land, (surprisingly) wind, warmth from the sun, my parents and brother, my closest friends. All of these have been daily on my thoughts as I have been here in Alaska... I have also had a lot of thoughts about Thanksgiving and bow hunting...strange I know but I think it has to do with the cool weather.

I am also looking forward to the trip back home, even though it is going to be a fast paced adventure of sleeping on the road and few bathroom breaks. I have secured a few of my closest friends here to ride in my vehicle and I am very excited about the conversations that we will be having during the course of those many hours. 

I have also been thinking about this project...what I have learned from the situations I have been placed in and the people I have been around. I do not think I can expound upon much of this now...but I shall once I am away from here and have spent time adequately dissecting this summer.

I obviously look forward to seeing each of you upon my return...again I thank each of you for the hours you have committed to praying for me and my friends here on this project.

Love You

16 July, 2008

Almost Back

Well. Projects and missions are full of ups and downs that is for sure.

Things have been good! I am reminded fairly frequently that I am here for a reason. This is a huge help to my perspective and attitude...seeing God's hand in everything. Staff left about A bit over a week ago (which means we have more freedom to make this project our own), this a big help in morale for all of us here as we have much more time to pour into each other and build one another up. This also helps us be more authentic as we reach out to the community each in our own unique ways.
For me this new found freedom means more time in the Word, more time with my brothers, and more time spent in outreaching in the community! These last few days have made such a difference in this summer for me. And I am very excited to see what all He changes in me during the remainder of this summer. He has been showing me new things involving pride, grace, brokenness, among other things.
To expound on the area of pride: He has been helping me define pride vs. humility, confidence vs. over-confidence ... where I fall in regards to these things, and where He desired me as a godly man to sit in these.

On other notes:
1. I have been working less and less as my employer has been hesitant to give me hours as my CDL fell through. I am fully qualified to drive the bus all I have left is taking the road test. Well the tester is on vacation until August 4th. My last day of work is August 7th. So let's just say they are not happy that they spent $200 on the rest of the process for it to fall through.

2. I have been running into a strange crowd these last few days. Yesterday, me and 2 other friends ran into a young guy named Neewall who plans to sail south to Washington and is apart of the occult (best I can describe it as based upon what he told me). Today, (after five good hours in the Word, and an otherwise amazing day) this guy named Peter started talking to me about his views on God and faith...to say the least they are very far from the mark.
Between these two conversations I have spent about an hour of time trying to share the gospel of Christ, only to be met with statements their own beliefs that are lies given to their hearts by the evil-one.
Bottom line...it has just been real demoralizing to see the state of peoples spiritual health and their rejection of Christ. Pray for them please. Pray for Christ to work on their hearts so that others may be used to bring them His love.

In closing. Thank you all so much for your prayers! They mean so very much. Thank you, Thank you. I look forward to seeing you all!

21 June, 2008

Start of growth

well. Things have been pretty crazy the last week or so. Between work and project time, I have little time for self or much of the Word. However I have been blessed to have a lot of alone time at work to pray and get into the Word a bit. I think that so far my biggest growth has been in the area of prayer. God has blessed me so much through this!

Last night was the annual "man-maker" camping trip. This is were we invite men we have met in the community of Juneau out camping so that we can really pour into their lives and share with them our mission and drive to "place the gospel within arms reach of every person in southeast Alaska". It was a great time and I think that much was accomplished...if not in their lives then at least within my own.

Tonight is our annual salmon bake for Juneau...this is an outreach to the community. It is a great way to meet new folks, have fellowship, and be a blessing to those around us.

As for all other things...a lot has been happening for me this last week. Good things. I will not go into many details. But, just pray for brokenness for me...for me to be humbled and broken. I am awful prideful.

Thanks again for all things. You all are amazing! Keep praying please!

P.S. I am missing home and everything that goes with it. That means YOU!

13 June, 2008

A couple Pics


Here is a picture of the sun sitting behind the mountains and our campfire! (This was near mid-night)

Here is a picture of all of us on the Men's Project here at Juneau. Behind us is a ice tunnel made through the Mendenhall Glacier!

Here is the whole convey at the border of Alaska!

Week 2

Hello ALL!

I only have enough time for a short update...but I still wanted to let you all in on what has been happening this last week or so.

First things first. I have a job. I am a tour guide/driver for Juneau Sportfishing. It is a really great job for me as I am able to meet lots of people. I have already met people from ten or so countries and I have only been there for a week! So, if you could please spend some time in prayer for me specifically for my time spent on the job...that I may be able to start spiritual conversations and that the words my be from God and not me. Also if you could pray for those who I work with regularly; Walter, Katie, Kelly, Suparna, Greg, and Sharron. Pray that I am able to impact them also as I live life around them.

Secondly...I went camping last night with seven other guys. It was a great bonding time and most importantly it was my first full night of rest in a really long time!

Thirdly. I have begun to meet many people in the community and have started to try and pour into their lives. There are some exciting things going on in these areas.
Please be praying for these individuals; Don, David, Missy, Dillion, Ronnie, Stephanie, and Shawn.

Lastly, Pray for me in general. I have been having a hard time with a few things here on project. I wont go into any details but God will know what it is all about. I would really appreciate the prayers in this area. Pray that I may be have wisdom...that I may have discernment in this situation. That I may have direction. And that I may have strength to stand up and follow the direction God points. Also pray that I may be open-minded to my shortfallings...That I be humbled.

That is all for now.

Thank you all so much. I love you.

04 June, 2008

Pushing Northward

Hello to all!

To pick up where I left off, We were traveling across Canada! This drive was absolutely amazing. It was so very rewarding to me on so many levels...First off, this trip allowed me to remember some important times in my past. This happened not only because of the immense time at my disposal but also because of how much this drive reminded me of my family's travels to Colorado for vacation every year.
I recall, setting out every July from the gently rolling hills and medium grass prairie of northwestern Oklahoma, through the flat grounds of north Texas and New Mexico, then suddenly into the cool temperatures and high elevations of the mountains of Colorado! This road trip seemed to be a large version of these past trips. I set out from the same driveway that I remember leaving from on so many summers before; then hit the flat ground and short prairies of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Alberta; suddenly we hit the mountain terrain of British Columbia with awe inspiring views and many encounters with wildlife ranging from bear to moose (it was at this point when I really dwelt on how this trip paralleled my vacations of past). Then out of nowhere came the stellar beauty that is Alaska. You would think that there would not be much difference between BC and Alaska...but there is. It is absolutely unexplainable the beauty that is here.
There were also other thoughts that came from my memories of these past vacations...first off the excitement that I felt in preparation. Second, the sense of love that I felt from these trips. It never failed every vacation we took held in it a great many of arguments and confrontations between family members...still never did we stay that way...we always grew closer than we were before we left. These thoughts too, paralleled this trip. There was excitement...excitement about the convey, about the summer, about growing nearer God, about seeing Him more clearly, about making friendships that are actually brotherhoods. And, there were also confrontations...stepped on toes, escalation of moods and words...but through it all there was love. And now we have been here for a week...those of us that traveled together are still closer.

There is something truly awesome about a group of believers striving to see His perspective and live out His path in our lives. To be surrounded by such a cloud of witness. It is beautiful. I will be uploading some pictures I have taken so far. Many are beautiful, but know that there are many times that I have been unable to take a physical picture because of the setting. Instead I took pictures with my heart. My favorite picture of the entire trip so far is one such picture. It was the group of us (those in the convey) at the Alaskan line, after 70 hours driving and over 3000 miles traveled together, we got out circled up (all 23 of us) and prayed. It was the one of the greatest feelings I have felt. To see each persons heart. To lift those hearts up humbly, full of passion and excitement, full of love.

28 May, 2008

1st half of Journey to Alaska!

First off. I am here in Juneau. We are all safe and sound!

what you see below was written 5/24/08 on our way up.

so…here we are crossing the great plains of Canada’s Alberta province. As we traveled these last few days we have crossed many lines as a convey. We have crossed state lines and national lines…we have crossed numerous famous trails and passageways: the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Oregon Trail, and many of Canada’s explorers routes as well. But, these are not the only lines that we have crossed. We have also crossed the borders hat hold us as individuals…we have crossed the borders that held us in clicks (State, Regional, University). We have grown close for the short amount of time we have been stuck together. We have bonded and begun to make friendships that I have no doubt will last a lifetime.
This morning we crossed the border at 10:30. We pushed hard and was well above schedule…till we hit Loydminster on the Alberta, Saskatchewan border. There we hit our first LARGE roadblock. Ben Ziber’s car broke down. We spent about an hour working on it and realized that it we were not going to limp it the remaining way…I set off to find some info about the local area. I was looking for anything…shops that would not be open till Monday, Churches that may be able to direct us to a storage place, but most of all I was just looking to watch what God was going to do. I kept just telling the others that we were going to be blessed. I believed that we were not going to fall flat.
I ran into several people during my long adventure in looking for God’s answer. First I ran into Josh (?). Josh made certain to tell me he was not a church going man…but he thought he could help. He said he would store out broken vehicle for the summer at $450. Then I ran into Bob & Eileen Melling of Paradise Hill, SK. They placed me in contact with a Jim Reinhart. Mr. Reinhart, is now storing Ben’s car for the summer at no charge…he has also mentioned having his mechanic fix it so that upon our return we may pick it up!!! Now (only a 2 & 1/2 hours later) we are all secured and back on the road…(far more cramped than before do to the loss of a vehicle holding a good deal of luggage and four passengers). I just called up Josh to inform him that we would not be taking him up on his offer…however I ask if we could lift up his father’s girlfriend (Jean Krocker) (While I was talking to Josh about the car and our current situation, Josh shared some of his life with me also…Jean was in a accident and is in the hospital.) Josh said yes. He also ask for me to contact him on our way back through.
Thank you for all of the prayer you have been lifting…WE FEEL IT.
Please also lift up tha ks and blessings for Bob & Eileen Melling and Jim Reinhart…Please pray for fast recovery for Jean, and that I may be able to share the gospel with Josh upon our return from the summer. Pray that we continually are prepared for those who we interact with.

Thanks again for everything. Later I will write about the remainder of our adventure here.
Tomorrow we will be leaving to camp as the whole project has a few days of bonding. Be in prayer over us as we grow together and are drawn nearer to God. Also, if you can please lift us all up as we are looking for jobs here. Our jobs will be our primary area of witness. I feel good about a coffee shop that I applied at. I feel that it would be one of the places best set for touching the most lives.

05 May, 2008

On Romans 1

...well a close friend of mine (Allen Deak) and I have decided to step into Romans these last few days before summer and see what it has to show us. I found it absolutely amazing that I had things begin to be revealed to me even before I began reading Paul's letter.

This letter was written to the church in Rome prior to Paul or any other early church leader (James, Peter) had visited that area.
This is amazing for two reasons:
  1. It meant that there were many "little" missionaries going out into the world and spreading the gospel of Christ, since no "big" missionaries had yet been there. God used all those who were willing to give themselves to Him!
  2. It is also amazing because it hits so close to home with one of the many emotions I am feeling as I prepare to leave for Alaska."First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, because your faith is being proclaimed throughout the whole world.
    "For God, whom I serve in my spirit in the preaching of the gospel of His Son, is my witness as to how unceasingly I make mention of you. For I long to see you so that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be established; that is, that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the other's fruits, both yours and mine." Romans 1:8-12
    I feel what Paul obviously felt toward his brothers...brothers that he had never met before. He cared for them as though he had already walked beside them for years. Like he had trudged right beside them through dry lands. As I call fellow Christians that are attending Echo Project this summer I have begun to have a deep sense of fellowship and brotherhood with them, even though I have yet met any of them!

How I pray that my time spent in Alaska can be one that makes positive impact on the men I am working with and on my own life. I look forward to the days of this summer...days that God will place me in situations to stretch me farther than He has before. Situations that will require trust...trust that will be strengthened through His faithfulness! How much I look forward to the opportunities ahead...

Continue praying for me and my brothers. Thank you.

In Christ,


03 May, 2008


Day one of posting!

God has been so amazing. He has been teaching me much about trusting Him. Especially, in the area of support raising. Every so often I have become a bit anxious in how slow it has been coming in, but, I just keep handing that anxiety to Him and He takes care of it.
Last Monday, He really showed what He does when I trust Him. That day Pastor Gary of Christ Community Church of Weatherford cut a check that so happened to be the exact amount I needed to get caught back up and fulfill the latest deadline!!!

Just an update on support;
Project Fee: $2900
Travel&Expense: ~$1500
Total: ~$4400

Support Raised: $1540

This seems like an unbelievable amount to raise in 18 days, but I have complete faith in Him. He has come through thus far!

I will be leaving on the evening of the 20th or 21st.

Please keep me and those who will be working beside me in your prayers. Pray that God is preparing us for the situations we will be in this summer. Pray that we strive to draw ever near Him! Also please pray for those who we will meet in Juneau and the surrounding area...pray that they too have been prepared and that God has burdened their heart!

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support.

In Christ,