13 June, 2008

Week 2

Hello ALL!

I only have enough time for a short update...but I still wanted to let you all in on what has been happening this last week or so.

First things first. I have a job. I am a tour guide/driver for Juneau Sportfishing. It is a really great job for me as I am able to meet lots of people. I have already met people from ten or so countries and I have only been there for a week! So, if you could please spend some time in prayer for me specifically for my time spent on the job...that I may be able to start spiritual conversations and that the words my be from God and not me. Also if you could pray for those who I work with regularly; Walter, Katie, Kelly, Suparna, Greg, and Sharron. Pray that I am able to impact them also as I live life around them.

Secondly...I went camping last night with seven other guys. It was a great bonding time and most importantly it was my first full night of rest in a really long time!

Thirdly. I have begun to meet many people in the community and have started to try and pour into their lives. There are some exciting things going on in these areas.
Please be praying for these individuals; Don, David, Missy, Dillion, Ronnie, Stephanie, and Shawn.

Lastly, Pray for me in general. I have been having a hard time with a few things here on project. I wont go into any details but God will know what it is all about. I would really appreciate the prayers in this area. Pray that I may be have wisdom...that I may have discernment in this situation. That I may have direction. And that I may have strength to stand up and follow the direction God points. Also pray that I may be open-minded to my shortfallings...That I be humbled.

That is all for now.

Thank you all so much. I love you.

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