08 November, 2009

Life is so good!

Here I sit at my home away from home. TheCup. If you know me at all, you know how much I love this place.

Today, I am drinking my usual Cappuccino...it is the standard go to drink for me in almost all situations from times of stress to moments filled with pensive thought. I am watching The Proposal with Rick and his daughter. Friends close as family.
It is crazy how friendships are made...how they grow...or disappear. Just last night I was able to meet my best friend's fiance. Crazy, how I feel like I have known her for ages. Crazy, how just as my friendship with Trent has always been so great that I have never doubted its lasting endurance over the course of our lives, I now know the same will be true of Casey and I's friendship. Friends close as family.
Just this morning, I had breakfast with Garrett. He is another very good friend of mine. I think his friendship is one of the most beautiful that I have had. Beautiful because even as close of a friend as he is, his friendship...or atleast the depth of it...came from nowhere...or at least seemed to for I can not trace it back to one moment or another. Friends close as family.

These times with friends and family remind me of how important people are to me, and how important I want to be to others.

I am currently in transition from one job to another. I have direction! This new position is one I hope to have as a mini career. It is an opportunity to invest in others, to build up those around me, to help others in need... in short it is a great direction and a great opportunity. I hope I live up to it well.

All this to say: I have great friends, great family, a great Savior. I have direction. "I have feet in my shoes, and brains in my head." :)
Life is so good!