24 February, 2010

A challenge...from a friend. My 100.

Here you are: 100 things that make me happy!

1. God

2. Memories

3. Clay

4. Mom and Dad

5. Smiles

6. Stars

7. The number 7 :)

8. Oklahoma

9. Running

10. Rain

11. Running in the rain

12. Coffee

13. My time with God!

14. Reading

15. Dirt roads

16. Long drives

17. The sound of a gas pump in an otherwise still night

18. Baseball

19. People

20. Whiskey (my dog)

21. Fishing

22. Challenges

23. Friends

24. Friends that are close as family (you know who you are)

25. Leaves

26. Alaska

27. Helping people

28. Good songs

29. Believers

30. The Bible

31. Family nights (both at home and Stewart)

32. Camping

33. Two-Stepping

34. Writing

35. Heart-to-heart talks

36. AWANA kids singing

37. Remembering names

38. Stories told by the early morning coffee generation (grandmas, grandpas, vets...ect)

39. Early mornings

40. Thunderstorms

41. Seeing God move...and His work :)

42. Kayaking

43. Accountability...and those who hold me to it

44. God's future for me

45. Nebraska

46. Overcoming


48. Antelope Hills

49. Seeing Love

50. Older people

51. Kids

52. Mischief

53. Hearing the breeze through the trees

54. Song birds

55. Sunshine...and the warmth it brings

56. Latenight walks

57. Randomness

58. People who are true to themselves


60. Cooking on campfires

61. Making a difference

62. Prayer

63. Smell of chimney smoke on a winter day

64. Apples

65. Cowboy boots

66. Adventures

67. Listening

68. Sunsets

69. Sunrises

70. Clouds

71. Italy

72. God's Soverignty

73. Dreaming

74. Seeing the best

75. Handshakes

76. Love

77. Roadtrips

78. 4th of July

79. Building fence

80. Christ Community Church

81. Hard work

82. Taking pictures

83. Thanksgiving

84. Peoples ambitions and hopes

85. The smell of alfalfa

86. Getting lost

87. Laughing

88. Investing in, encouraging, and  empowering people

89. 50th wedding anniversaries

90. The Cup

91. When my pride falls

92. My (future)Wife

93. My (future) Kids

94. Antique stores

95. Riding

96. Open land

97. Being a top Mountains

98. Growing old

99. Rocking Chairs, Wrap Around Porch, Lemonade, and You (1, 92, 93)
100. My Savior


Elizabeth Pederson said...

Bradley, after reading that list i feel like we may be the same person.. maybe a long lost twin? :)

Candace D. said...

Awesome and beautiful!! You have an incredible talent of writing - very simplistic but so inspirational and moving. So excited for everything that has and will come your way, Bradley!! Take care and keep sharing...

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks for sharing Bradley always interesting to learn more about people. I'm not much for making lists....my wife loves them...=D But I enjoyed reading yours.



OklahomaBrad said...

Buffy! Didn't you kind of always feel like we were the same person? Kelsey and I spoke of you often this weekend. We both miss seeing you.

Candace, Thank you for your encouragement. I so often think that what I write is unworthy to be read by others. Thank you, Thank you! Hope you are well!

Bill, i always appreciate your comments! Thank you. I enjoy reading your writings also. Keep it up.


JerL said...

I like how you started with God and ended with my Savior. You're truly God's beloved.

murv said...

I like the part about cooking fish on a rock. I think I will make a list and keep it where I can see it.