22 February, 2010

Byron from Boston

Byron From Boston. That is what everyone came to know him as. Five years ago, Byron and I were both new to the dorms and we ended up roommates. It was always odd to me how we ended up being placed together, because we were nothing near the same:
I was an eighteen year old freshman, just off the farm, and he was a mid-twenty-something student from Boston.
I came here for an education and to meet people who would be important to me all my life. He came here because he had a tattoo that was the same as our mascot emblem...and quite possibly to evade the law from somewhere up north.
I would enter our room with my Bible in hand, he would enter with some home-made paraphernalia.
I once cleaned up, up-chuck from a girl he brought to the dorm drunk. He often made sport of eating my guppies and tetras.

We were so very different.

I remember thinking (almost on a daily basis) that this match was just too crazy...this type of roommate match never happened, and that it had to be by God's ordaining that it ended up this way.

Those five months were at times tough, and they were always trying. Even Byron's closest of friends ask me how I survived it...how I never requested a roommate change. The answer to that question was simply I felt like that was where I was suppose to be.

Yesterday, I recieved this facebook message:
hey man, long time no talk. i know you and byron didn't always see eye to eye, hell who are we kidding-neither one of yall liked the other. lol. anyway, his wife (yes he got married just over a year ago) got ahold of me yesterday (sat) morning and told me she found him dead on their couch. like i said they got married just before valentine's day last year, and she is pregnant with their son. i'm not exactly sure when she's due, but i know it's close-within a month or 2. my heart goes out to all his family, but especially his wife. i can't imagine what it would be like to find your husband dead on the couch and be carrying his son. anyway, i just thought you might like to know. take care brad.

I have been at a deep loss for words...and really a loss for directional thought as well.

All I know is that everyday I felt like I was placed in that place and situation by God...
and looking back I still can not see my difference in the life of Byron.

If I am unable to purposefully assist, help, and plant, in the life of an individual, when God very directly tells me and reminds me to daily...
How am I able to purposefully do those things in the lives of those who I do not feel that constant reminder?

Once I heard the news, I looked at his facebook page...his religious views (i had hoped to be different than I had known them to be), stated "...we all die".

Today, please pray for Byron's family, for their future.
Please pray that God constantly pangs our hearts with aches for those who do not know Him.
Please pray that we follow those aches...that we share our Lord, daily and with all we see.

...WE ALL DIE. not just me (bradley, you), but also all those we see. If we have a message to share, we are not only limited to our time but also theirs.
Something I had forgotten, now remembered.


Michelle said...

There are many people in my life that need to know the love of God...and my heart breaks for them.

People sometimes get annoyed and a little uneasy when a conversation shifts in that direction, but this is such a mystery to me...how, then, do you deal with death?

"We all die."
--that's no way to see this precious thing we know as life--70 years, 90 years, 5 years, or less...Moreover, what if that life is a misery--a hell on earth? That is all that we get--then nothing?

We must shift that conversation over once in a while--just as it was once done for us...

...or just let our light shine. Sometimes that is enough, that is all we can do-- sometimes that is the best thing we can do.

We do our part, and the rest is up to God... and, of course, their free will.

God bless,

Timberwolf123 said...

You may never truly know the impact that you had on Byron's life. I will be happy to put his family in my thoughts. Never question why someone is in our life there's always a reason. Sometimes it's just for our personal growth.

I wish you well on your journey through life.



OklahomaBrad said...

Michelle and Bill. Thank you both for the encouragement.