28 June, 2011


At least once every season of every year I find myself unravelled and unravelling all the more. I become unfocused and unmotivated. I stay up late. I workout little. I trudge through the day. I eat poorly. I leave tasks unfinished. I am slow to start new things.

When I see that I have once again begun to travel down this road, I always wonder why. It's funny that I ask myself that because I already know the answer. My stated priority is not being matched with action.

SEE: I am Mr. Priority.
I always have been. Even as a grade schooler I remember saying things like, "#1 is God, #2 is Country, #3 Family/Friends." Years later in college, I found that in my younger years I had only said, "this is my priority"...and that my actions showed otherwise.
I said what I wanted to be true of me even though it was not. In those early years I did not know God, and my family and friends were far more important to me than Him or my country.

I came to understand that saying things does not make them true, but our actions can be used as a truer gauge of sincerity. Being honest with myself and others has always been one of upmost importance to me, and when being honest with myself I find I am most likely to grow.

Today, I am still Mr. Priority; make a difference, eat healthy, reach out, early to bed, early to rise, be positive, workout often...the list goes on.
But, the most important difference between the young me and the me today is that, my time with God is not just a priority...it is beyond a priority. God, His character, and His direction for me, is not just an object to be seen but rather the lens that I must see all objects through.
God has become the drive of my days, He is the caster of my days and the molder of my heart.

When I start down this season of perpetual unravelling, I know why.
It is because I am making my Lord a priority, but not living as though He is my only priority.  When Christ is not my everything, then I amount to absolutely nothing.
HE is my LIFELINE, He is my everything!

20 June, 2011

171 Days

Today marks six months twenty days since we all began down the path of 2011 resolutions...eleven days till the half way point. So...how is your resolution holding up? Still holding onto those extra pounds? Chances are you have not done as well as you would like. If you are like the rest of us your resolutions have fallen and likely not to be revived until day one of 2012.

It does not have to be this way! I hope that your reading this will be your first step toward revamping your motivation.

Every January we have hundreds of resolutions set and every year they sound like this, "stop smoking, get fit, lose weight, enjoy life more, quit drinking, become organized, learn something new, get out of debt, spend more time with friends and family, help people more, ect...", and chances are if your 2011 resolution is among these, that was your 2010, 2009, and 2008 resolution too. So let's change this. Let's finish what we started.

Here are some resources and facts to help you jump your ambitions back up:
  • Watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
  • Get active, and go for the BIG resolutions...like competing in a triathlon
  • If you are average in your diet then you drink a soda a day (at least) and it you do, then you consume approximately 91,000 calories in the course of the year from that beverage alone
  • According to the CDC, 12% of adult Americans have heart disease
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America and growing each year
  • 77% of families owe debt

Take these next few days to thank about setting a six month resolution to make your life better...

19 June, 2011


My favorite photo of you is from several years back.
It's a photo that was taken at the old baseball and softball complex in Shattuck. You and I are both dressed in gold and black, the front of your shirt said coach and the back of mine said Jennings. That year we placed first (i think) in the t-ball tournament and you were announcing each player as they came to accept their individual trophy. I was last out of the team to come forward, and that was when the photo was snapped. Me going forward, too far away from the line of teammates for them to be frozen alongside us. There in that photo sat three; me reaching to shake John the pharmacist's hand, John with one hand outstretched and one holding that gold flaked plastic ballplayer, and you. You are pointing at me with your hand, and upon your face was a smile.
I remember that your were announcing my name, but to me when I see this photo I always hear, "I am proud of you". 

Anyone who knows me well, knows you are my best friend, and I thank you for making me who I am. 

I also owe a tremendous thanks to the other influential folks in my life. Thank you Mom, Clay, Grandparents, and friends. 
I owe ALL thanks to God my Father.

17 June, 2011

It's Friday!

Hello all,

Yes it has been ages since I posted last. And yes, it is tougher to regain traction starting a blog back up...even more so than starting the blog to begin with. However there is good news. I am back and back for good!
Let me tell you what is new in my world:
  • I am working on finishing up my masters degree here at SWOSU in parks and recreation management
  • May 2012 I plan to begin working on a master's of divinity/theology
  • along with the MDiv, I plan to begin down the path of becoming a military chaplain
  • my BIG goal of 2011 is to become 100 percent debt free
  • I have now completed seven marathons!!! (lucky number seven)
  • you can now follow me on twitter
I am so excited to be back, and you can expect to here from me on a regular base! I am still the same ole' OklahomaBrad, and I hope you return to following me regularly.

It's Friday, have a little fun....grow a stache...
or buy and paste if you can't!