05 February, 2010


lead me, Lord.
i am unable...
unable at all i attempt.
yet with You, nothing untamable, nothing unmovable, nothing unclimbable, nothing unbearable, nothing to difficult.
my plans,
they are not worthy,
nor my efforts.
Your plans, they are best.
Father, lead me. i need You.
cause my ear to hear, my heart to yearn, my feet to follow.
o Lord, how great You are.
Your Sovereignty...how beautiful.


Merl said...

Amen! I love this! I know that when this is our hearts' desire, God WILL direct our feet. He WILL put us on the path that is best for us, and, more importantly, the path that best glorifies HIM!

PS: Is this a song?

Lacie said...

Well said friend. Heard "Disappear" by Bebo Norman. Your heart behind those words reminded me of it. Hope you're well.

OklahomaBrad said...

Glory to Him, eh Merl!?!

BTW, no song...at least not outside of my heart!

Lacie, I have not heard that song by Bebo...but now I shall look it up! Hoping you are well, also.