28 April, 2010

Sweet Summer Time

Well, this semester is winding down and it seems as though many of the ventures I find myself in will be following suit.
AWANA will meet again tonight, then conclude next week. (please be praying for Leonel Bolanos, as he has showed interest in accepting Christ as his savior!)
Classes will be finished next week aswell...along with this means all my residents will be moving out.
Work will slow...

As always, I find a way to fill newly created free time with new endevors. This summer is no different.

For starters I will be stepping into the coaching spot for one of the Weatherford 10 and 11 year old baseball teams! I am very much looking forward to it!!! (In regard to this, please be praying that Jamie and I am able to be a solid witness to the young ballplayer and their parents!)

Of course, I will be spending a lot of time running! As of now I only have one marathon scheduled. July 11th, Mizzoula, Montana! I am very much looking forward to it, as I will have several good friends traveling with me!

Lastly, I plan to do a lot of lounging in the sun, fishing, and playing with Jabe! This is my first real summer in so long, and I really look forward to spending it with several of you!!!!

Hope you have splendid summer lined up too!!!!


To be successful in this life we must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate where we stand. To live our lives in a manner most glorifying to Christ we must always be willing to be honest with ourselves and with those who have been placed beside us to help in our walk.
Here are just a few questions I find to help me stay grounded and consistently moving forward. I hope that they too will help you do the same.

How has my relationship with God been this week?

What has He been teaching me?

How has my quiet time been?

Have I been adequately investing in others?

Have I been praying for the lost; specific and general?

Have I sat before God today... and just listened?

Am I defeated in any area of my life currently?

What sins have I been struggling with recently?

Thank you to all of you who help me be a better man, and servant...

19 April, 2010

168 x 15 = 2520 years...

That is a lot of years... That is a lot of moments... That is a lot of difference that could have been made.

Take this short while to remember.
OKC Remeberance

13 April, 2010

This Un-balanced Crazy Life


This life. How hectic and crazy it tends to be. How very often I feel as though nothing is in balance. Day-in and day-out, always looking to the next weekend or break. Feeling as though I need rest, feeling as though my relationships, my job, my life is out of balance and just needing a slow-down.

To rough on my dog,
to snappy with those i love most,
these are fruits of an unbalanced life.

I am only balanced when I rise ready to meet God. When I spend early my time in the word. If I do this, my entire day is seen by me in a perspective far nearer to His.

Psalm 127

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep."  Vs.1-2 ESV