13 April, 2010

This Un-balanced Crazy Life

This life. How hectic and crazy it tends to be. How very often I feel as though nothing is in balance. Day-in and day-out, always looking to the next weekend or break. Feeling as though I need rest, feeling as though my relationships, my job, my life is out of balance and just needing a slow-down.

To rough on my dog,
to snappy with those i love most,
these are fruits of an unbalanced life.

I am only balanced when I rise ready to meet God. When I spend early my time in the word. If I do this, my entire day is seen by me in a perspective far nearer to His.


JerL said...

I'm amazed at how God led me to read this encouraging blog post at the time when I'm feeling down. Looking forward to meeting God tomorrow morning in church. Thanks Brad...

OklahomaBrad said...


I am very glad that it was useful!
Every so often...I feel like a post has little direction, and is rather a small thought. It is easy to not post those quick typings.

This was one...I am very glad that I did.

Thank you, for the encouragement!