12 October, 2009

When your song is forgotten.


Someone once said that "a friend is one who knows your song so perfectly that they are able sing you the words when you have forgotten them". (Or, maybe I just made that up...I don't know.)

The point is that, no matter who you are... whether determined and persistent, or irresolute and wavering... whether a visionary and idealist, or a realist and pragmatic, We will all have times that we lose sight of our path, our goals, and sadly even of ourselves. We all forget our Song.

Most of us are lucky. We have people in our lives who have vested time with us, who have loved us and cared for us enough to really know who we are; our strengths, weaknesses, loves, peeves, hopes, and fears. In that these people often are those near in these times that we have lost our vision and purpose. They so very often speak life to us when we lack it.

This past weekend, I traveled to Hasting, NE for Cole and Lisa's wedding. Prior to my beginning the drive I had little knowledge of the nearness of my forgetting of my song...of who I am and what I love. (This is crazy to imagine as you all know how pensive I am and how I think far, far too much. All the same I missed seeing all this.) As I drove farther north...the fall colors showed of cooler weather and changing seasons, and I showed of relaxation. I then begun to realize alot...and I was able to take a deep breathe. A breathe that I can only seem to gasp when I am free of the hustle and bustle...when in the middle of God's creation...LISTENING. This was a breathe that brought fresh air to the depth of my heart.

Upon arriving in Hastings, Cole and his family, Ben, Kelsey, Ann, Andy, and Ryan reminded me of so much. They allowed me to see reflected in their lives, a purpose equal to that which I want to always hold within my own life. They just by being, reminded me of my purpose.
My Juneau brothers and sisters, everyone of you. Just by being near you, made me so much the stronger in my walk with our Lord.
And, my new found friends. Will, Sean, Tad, Nordin, Brock...you reminded me to laugh.
And, Melissa and Jill...my conversations with you (although short) about your time spent overseas serving has strengthened my love for the Church and has reminded me to run forward in serving our King.

All of you spoke to me in such a deep, deep way. I left with new wind under my wings, fresh direction in my feet, and a swelling of love in my heart.

Thank you for singing me my song...even when I knew not of it's loss...and you knew not of my need.
You have reminded me how much I can affect the world around me...and I now hope I have reminded you of the same!