28 April, 2010

Sweet Summer Time

Well, this semester is winding down and it seems as though many of the ventures I find myself in will be following suit.
AWANA will meet again tonight, then conclude next week. (please be praying for Leonel Bolanos, as he has showed interest in accepting Christ as his savior!)
Classes will be finished next week aswell...along with this means all my residents will be moving out.
Work will slow...

As always, I find a way to fill newly created free time with new endevors. This summer is no different.

For starters I will be stepping into the coaching spot for one of the Weatherford 10 and 11 year old baseball teams! I am very much looking forward to it!!! (In regard to this, please be praying that Jamie and I am able to be a solid witness to the young ballplayer and their parents!)

Of course, I will be spending a lot of time running! As of now I only have one marathon scheduled. July 11th, Mizzoula, Montana! I am very much looking forward to it, as I will have several good friends traveling with me!

Lastly, I plan to do a lot of lounging in the sun, fishing, and playing with Jabe! This is my first real summer in so long, and I really look forward to spending it with several of you!!!!

Hope you have splendid summer lined up too!!!!

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