28 June, 2011


At least once every season of every year I find myself unravelled and unravelling all the more. I become unfocused and unmotivated. I stay up late. I workout little. I trudge through the day. I eat poorly. I leave tasks unfinished. I am slow to start new things.

When I see that I have once again begun to travel down this road, I always wonder why. It's funny that I ask myself that because I already know the answer. My stated priority is not being matched with action.

SEE: I am Mr. Priority.
I always have been. Even as a grade schooler I remember saying things like, "#1 is God, #2 is Country, #3 Family/Friends." Years later in college, I found that in my younger years I had only said, "this is my priority"...and that my actions showed otherwise.
I said what I wanted to be true of me even though it was not. In those early years I did not know God, and my family and friends were far more important to me than Him or my country.

I came to understand that saying things does not make them true, but our actions can be used as a truer gauge of sincerity. Being honest with myself and others has always been one of upmost importance to me, and when being honest with myself I find I am most likely to grow.

Today, I am still Mr. Priority; make a difference, eat healthy, reach out, early to bed, early to rise, be positive, workout often...the list goes on.
But, the most important difference between the young me and the me today is that, my time with God is not just a priority...it is beyond a priority. God, His character, and His direction for me, is not just an object to be seen but rather the lens that I must see all objects through.
God has become the drive of my days, He is the caster of my days and the molder of my heart.

When I start down this season of perpetual unravelling, I know why.
It is because I am making my Lord a priority, but not living as though He is my only priority.  When Christ is not my everything, then I amount to absolutely nothing.
HE is my LIFELINE, He is my everything!

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