19 June, 2011


My favorite photo of you is from several years back.
It's a photo that was taken at the old baseball and softball complex in Shattuck. You and I are both dressed in gold and black, the front of your shirt said coach and the back of mine said Jennings. That year we placed first (i think) in the t-ball tournament and you were announcing each player as they came to accept their individual trophy. I was last out of the team to come forward, and that was when the photo was snapped. Me going forward, too far away from the line of teammates for them to be frozen alongside us. There in that photo sat three; me reaching to shake John the pharmacist's hand, John with one hand outstretched and one holding that gold flaked plastic ballplayer, and you. You are pointing at me with your hand, and upon your face was a smile.
I remember that your were announcing my name, but to me when I see this photo I always hear, "I am proud of you". 

Anyone who knows me well, knows you are my best friend, and I thank you for making me who I am. 

I also owe a tremendous thanks to the other influential folks in my life. Thank you Mom, Clay, Grandparents, and friends. 
I owe ALL thanks to God my Father.

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