21 June, 2008

Start of growth

well. Things have been pretty crazy the last week or so. Between work and project time, I have little time for self or much of the Word. However I have been blessed to have a lot of alone time at work to pray and get into the Word a bit. I think that so far my biggest growth has been in the area of prayer. God has blessed me so much through this!

Last night was the annual "man-maker" camping trip. This is were we invite men we have met in the community of Juneau out camping so that we can really pour into their lives and share with them our mission and drive to "place the gospel within arms reach of every person in southeast Alaska". It was a great time and I think that much was accomplished...if not in their lives then at least within my own.

Tonight is our annual salmon bake for Juneau...this is an outreach to the community. It is a great way to meet new folks, have fellowship, and be a blessing to those around us.

As for all other things...a lot has been happening for me this last week. Good things. I will not go into many details. But, just pray for brokenness for me...for me to be humbled and broken. I am awful prideful.

Thanks again for all things. You all are amazing! Keep praying please!

P.S. I am missing home and everything that goes with it. That means YOU!


Rylan said...

you were pretty dang prideful, lol but I loved you for it - that's sort of how we connected, I think, haha

OklahomaBrad said...

Yes. I was and still am...
The good Lord knocks me humble though from time to time.
I that we certainly did bond over it...

miss you Rylan