03 September, 2008


...please pray for this.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I can not fully explain the feelings I have when I think about this school year here at SWOSU. But I can try:
This all starts last year (well even before that)...anyway last year God really worked on my heart in a few areas: Bible Studies (Dorm Bible studies in particular), and Revival! He not only grew my heart in these areas but he watered them and gave them direction. On the Bible studies he placed me in position where I could implement multiple studies in the dorms...a place were we as Christians have such an oppurtunity to effect those around us. We now have five different Bible studies running and within three weeks we will have eight!!! Not only that but He has blessed them with such a crop of strong Christian men and women.
Secondly. REVIVAL. It started with a desire to see the campus ministries move in unison a Body...so after a lot of prayer God very directly pointed me to one key person in every ministry and we all begun meeting once a month last year...well since we have begun moving as a Body all across campus. It is such a beautiful thing...We meet together on mondays at 7 to pray for the campus...its students, its faculty...OUR HEARTS are all one. We pray for revival and have been solidly for the last year...And believe me there is something different this year here at SWOSU....

a good friend of mine from a fellow ministry and myself have committed to meeting in at 7 o'clock every morning this year...it is a big commitment and we would like prayer for strength in this. We also welcome anyone to come and be apart of this...even if you are not on campus...meet with us all the same.

So in all of these quickly typed words...please take this away. We would love for you to pray for SWOSU too!

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