28 May, 2008

1st half of Journey to Alaska!

First off. I am here in Juneau. We are all safe and sound!

what you see below was written 5/24/08 on our way up.

so…here we are crossing the great plains of Canada’s Alberta province. As we traveled these last few days we have crossed many lines as a convey. We have crossed state lines and national lines…we have crossed numerous famous trails and passageways: the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Oregon Trail, and many of Canada’s explorers routes as well. But, these are not the only lines that we have crossed. We have also crossed the borders hat hold us as individuals…we have crossed the borders that held us in clicks (State, Regional, University). We have grown close for the short amount of time we have been stuck together. We have bonded and begun to make friendships that I have no doubt will last a lifetime.
This morning we crossed the border at 10:30. We pushed hard and was well above schedule…till we hit Loydminster on the Alberta, Saskatchewan border. There we hit our first LARGE roadblock. Ben Ziber’s car broke down. We spent about an hour working on it and realized that it we were not going to limp it the remaining way…I set off to find some info about the local area. I was looking for anything…shops that would not be open till Monday, Churches that may be able to direct us to a storage place, but most of all I was just looking to watch what God was going to do. I kept just telling the others that we were going to be blessed. I believed that we were not going to fall flat.
I ran into several people during my long adventure in looking for God’s answer. First I ran into Josh (?). Josh made certain to tell me he was not a church going man…but he thought he could help. He said he would store out broken vehicle for the summer at $450. Then I ran into Bob & Eileen Melling of Paradise Hill, SK. They placed me in contact with a Jim Reinhart. Mr. Reinhart, is now storing Ben’s car for the summer at no charge…he has also mentioned having his mechanic fix it so that upon our return we may pick it up!!! Now (only a 2 & 1/2 hours later) we are all secured and back on the road…(far more cramped than before do to the loss of a vehicle holding a good deal of luggage and four passengers). I just called up Josh to inform him that we would not be taking him up on his offer…however I ask if we could lift up his father’s girlfriend (Jean Krocker) (While I was talking to Josh about the car and our current situation, Josh shared some of his life with me also…Jean was in a accident and is in the hospital.) Josh said yes. He also ask for me to contact him on our way back through.
Thank you for all of the prayer you have been lifting…WE FEEL IT.
Please also lift up tha ks and blessings for Bob & Eileen Melling and Jim Reinhart…Please pray for fast recovery for Jean, and that I may be able to share the gospel with Josh upon our return from the summer. Pray that we continually are prepared for those who we interact with.

Thanks again for everything. Later I will write about the remainder of our adventure here.
Tomorrow we will be leaving to camp as the whole project has a few days of bonding. Be in prayer over us as we grow together and are drawn nearer to God. Also, if you can please lift us all up as we are looking for jobs here. Our jobs will be our primary area of witness. I feel good about a coffee shop that I applied at. I feel that it would be one of the places best set for touching the most lives.

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