15 August, 2010

Window to My Day

Just a random picture, I miss the old crew... :)

Good Sunday, everybody!

Boy this week has been tiring, with move-in here on campus and all of the work it takes to prepare for another school year. Stewart hall now has all but our last forty (or so) residents moved in, and have completed our first event of the semester; NoonCakes!
We served around seventy-five residents and others this morning at noon following church. I think it went well and is the beginning to a great year!

Tonight, I will be playing OOZEBALL with the 'DawgDays Committee'! Really looking forward to winning the oozeball tournament :), I will be adding pictures soon!

On other notes.
I will begin once again running. These past couple of weeks since the 'Tinhorn incident', I have not ran even one mile!!! Crazy, I know. It is the longest break I have had (I think) in the last three years!

Yesterday, I began reading Jungle Pilot, the story about Nate Saint; his life, and missionary journey in Ecuador. I really enjoy it, as I figured I would as it is the writing that encouraged the making of End of the Spear, which is one of my favorite films!

Well, to all you in the Weatherford area; come join the fun tonight! Hope your day is grand!

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