23 August, 2010

Happy Monday 8.23.10

So near to missing all of Monday, to post this new weekly addition... Sorry about the wait (if there are those out there waiting)

I went home this weekend! Loved it! I miss the solitude and peace.

  • If you have a home...be thankful. There are many who do not.

  • Raced in the local 5k and placed 1st, as well as taking first in the amazing race. Thanks to my partner, Tanner! Next month is a great month for entering and completing a race!

  • Be thankful for your ability to do things...whatever you do.
  • One of my favorite shows to watch (in the seldom event I choose to watch something other than what is around me) Survivorman. If you get the chance check it out.

  • Today, a few of my friends and I invited a hitch-hicker to a bible study. His name was George Nelson. And he certainly was not by any means a Christian. If you would I ask that you pray for him as you think about it. I hope that our time with him will be used by God in a good and positive way, and that it may help him find salvation in Christ.

If you are curious of my faith, please check it out. Feel free to ask me any questions you would like.
Since there is no greater blessing than Salvation in Christ, I will leave it there.

Have a beautiful, wonderful week. If you come to troubles, know you come to them not alone. :)

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5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Hey Oklahoma Brad!!! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! You are number 299!! Pretty cool!!

I am from Oklahoma! Your pictures make me quite homesick! =) I married a miltary man and have been all over ever since! But that sunset...oh the sunset is gorgeous! It truly is God's country! I grew up outside of Enid, know where that is?

Congrats on your race! That is awesome!!

I look forward to following along with you and your blog!