19 January, 2010


Often, I write a large amount...I tend to find it difficult to share a few statements without elaborating.

This is why it has been so long since I have posted...I just have not had the time...or I have lacked the formation of a thought to write extensively on it.

Today I hope to keep from elaborating. Elaboration can often water down.

• you will die. we all do.
• tomorrow is not promised. live today.
• you as a person, no matter who you are, you affect the world.
• don't complain, others have it worse.
• Christ died for our sins, that we may know Him.
• void of Christ in our life, none of us are worth anything.
• your family deserves to know you love them.
• the man on the street deserves to be seen as a human in your eyes.
• so does your boss,
• and your neighbor,
• and the stranger that just walked past you.
• today is a good day.
• spend a minute to talk to God.


Cat Davis said...

Love it undiluted and all. You my dear friend have the right mindset as so many Christians today fail to see what really matters on a day to day basis, myself included. Thanks for the blog.

Samuel said...

I miss you brother, good stuff.

OklahomaBrad said...

Cat, Thanks for the comment and for following me! Post more often I miss ya.

Sam, Thank you also good sir! Missing you aswell.