26 August, 2009


How time sneaks away only to be realized gone; moments, days, and most often years later. It has always been my life goal to live every day fully; wholly giving of myself to those around me, truly taking advantage of the opportunities given me, and living completely for my King.

As I look through photos of days gone bye, I can not help but smile in remembrance of so many of those days lived "all out". I know that I have made mistakes along the way. I have; over-reacted, under-appreciated, and fallen time after time. However, I am lucky to have no regrets. I have lived in the moment for as long as I can remember, pondering on days gone bye, and dreaming of days left in front, yet always living NOW.

A large part of my lacking regrets comes because I have always said what is important to me. Which is why I wish to say thank you. You have made a difference in my life...REALLY.
I have told you before but wish to again. Thank You:

Mom, Dad, Clay.
Grandma, Grandpa, Gma Maggie, Papa.
Dorothy and Bill.
Terry Jackson, Rick Floyd, Gary and Linda Miller.
Christ Community Church.
Donovan Bowers, Dawn Frank, Jay Evans. Tripp Plymesser.
Clint and Lou Kissee, Rick Dahlgren. Willy, Shelly, Neicie, and Lora Worley.
Claire. Alicia. Ambia. Chaney. Kimberly. Georgia. Krystin. Landon. Marisa.
Flavio, Nanette.
Allen. James. Garrett. Stetson. Curtis. Kyle. Greg. Daniel. Robert. Brady. Jared. Jordy. Ty. Dusty. Nathan. Justin. Evan. Jeff. Kevin. Kody. Caleb. Drew. Brantley. Mark. Bartel. Scott. Pat. Carl. Chase. Travis. Yusuke. Zach.
James Hensley.
Kaitlin. Tara. Merlanda. Andrea. Megan. Amber. Alexandria. Alyssa. Lela. Jessi. Johna. Charissa. Christina. Christine.
Cole. Reed. Andy. Ben. Kelsey. Leonel. Ann. Philip. Goose. Buffy. Alvina. CJ. Morgan. Drew. Robert. Rylan. Temperly. Jarah. Sam.
Jena. Taylor. Rusty. Mrs. Guy.

You make me who I am.

Thank you, Lord!

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