16 September, 2009

Days like these...ache so bad. Days like these...make me realize so much. Days like these make my world...

Today, had been just a monotonous haze of doing...
Work, that no one wants. A class that is particularly difficult for me. Long hours. Little sleep. Lack of motivation.

Then today became a day of joy. Realization of how beautifully orchestrated my life has been! Realization of how wonderful my days are!

At work:
Fran, The sweetest lady I know is there with a smile...a smile and a song. There she washes the dishes we place in front of her.
Cammie, always smiling. Smiling Cammie!
The Ralstons...chugging away at life, always with arms out to help those nearest.

My family:
Parents who have always loved. Brother who I can always count on. Family always filled the front row of any event I was in...clapping, smiling, caring. Friends, friends whom I know I can always count on.

My future:
Always set, Always Secure in my King.

Today = Blessing. No-matter what it is filled with, blessing all the same.

What about the lady at the braum's check-out this morning? What about my professor who has so many students get up and leave in disrespect? What about that child who has his whole life before him and no dad...and no one willing to stop and tell him about the Father?

So many people in this world...all are fighting an up hill battle. Why had my day been so full of nothingness? Why is it so easy to enter into this selfish, egosentric thought process? And, Why is it so difficult to just smile and offer a helping hand, and a kind word?

This is my wake-up call. This is a challenge to me. This is a challenge to you.

We all make a difference...it's a question of what kind.

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