20 June, 2012

Trials, Tribulations, and Spiritual Growth.

Over the years that I have worked within emergency management I have seen plenty of times in which people run from danger. I have seen fear in the eyes of men looking at a wall of flame four times their height, and I have seen the chaos of the crowd when the tornado siren wails...but I have also seen the beautiful growth after that same wildfire, and that storm.

The grass grows green and healthiest following the wind driven fire...
The flower brightens and heightens most after the spring thunderstorm...
The gold refined to it's purest form once run through the heated kiln.
and so it is true with my life and yours.

Great disaster and difficult days drive me to prayer. Prayer: humble and broken brings me nearer to my great God. I have seen others that too have been touched by tough situations, pains, and loss...and when I look so often at those who have weathered such a season with God as their Captain I see that they carry a confidence that others who even in the calm do not. How awesome to see our King bless those who are faithful to Him! How awesome to see that the fruits of those storm covered days grow larger and sweeter than the fruit of the easy days!

If troubling days you find yourself in, take heart, fellow believer! Take heart, for our Lord does not promise you an easy path to the Promised Land, but He does guarantee a safe path. And, if in your days of trouble you look to Him, if in His hand you trust your day, you will have the most blessed of fruit grown in your life.
The Gettys: When Trials Come

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