05 May, 2010

To the Boys of God

To the Boys of America
"Of course what we have a right to expect from the American boy is that he shall turn out to be a good American man. Now the chances are strong that he wouldn't be much of a man unless he is a good deal of a boy. He must not be a coward or a weakling, a bully, a shirk or a prig. He must work hard and play hard. He must be clean-minded and clean-lived, and able to hold his own under all circumstances and against all comers. It is only on these conditions that he will grow into the kind of man whom Americans can really be proud."

Theodore Roosevelt

"he wouldn't be much of a man unless he is a good deal of a boy"...If a man plans to be a man tomorrow, he had better be a man today. If we go through this life believing that tomorrow will be the day of change, the day of growth, the day of a new you; we will surely always be the same. To be a good man of God, I had better be a good boy (young believer) of God. I must battle against my flesh. I must strive to be clean-minded and clean-lived. I must be courageous and have full trust that my Father will bring me through all things. I must work hard, diligently working to correctly represent my King.
I will fail. I will fall. But with Him beside me, guiding me all the days of life; with Him within me, continuing this work He has begun...I will become this man.
Oh to be a man of whom my Lord can really be proud!

Men...men will be boys...

Boys...boys will become men...

are you a good deal of a boy?

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