16 July, 2010

Long Time, No Post, Lots New!

Sorry about the time since my last post, and for the shortness of this one too.

Just a couple quick updates:

I have just purchased and begun using my new computer! She is a MacBook Pro, and she is beaut!!! I am very excited about all the new tools and capabilities I have, on top of the shear excitement of removing myself from using the ole beast who often would not turn on, semi regularly had a fuzzy greenish screen, and who always was missing three buttons.
I am considering different names for the Mac...if you have any ideas, feel free to share!

Just finished my fourth marathon! Traveled twenty hours straight to Missoula, Montana, for a race I did not train for, but all went well! I did not die and I was able to travel through both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Forest on the return!!!

Here is a taste of the weekend:
(brantley = driver, me = lazy, sunset on the way up, Yellowstone Rainbow, Elk, Mad Elk, Bison, Ole Faithful at Sunset x 2, Kansas Sunflower, Kansas Windmill)


GrizzledBear said...

Always good to hear form you Brad. See you in the fall.

Jamie said...

I like the name Billy Joe Bob Jennings for your computer's name. Sounds nifty to me...

OklahomaBrad said...



Sir Billy Joe (Jim) Bob Jennings!!!

OklahomaBrad said...

Good to hear from you Clayton. Hope life is treating you well!

AHugeLadyFan said...

I really missed reading your blogs. I'm glad you're starting to post again. Keep up the good work! =)