21 July, 2010

Running 2011, The Year Ahead!

So...2010 is almost over.

OK, not really, rather only a little over halfway over. However, my running goals for the 2010 year are almost finished. The only remaining major goal is to run the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, in Georgia, on November 13th; with a negative split.

As for smaller racing goals this year.
Run the 'Spirt of Survival' Superhero 5k' in Lawton, OK, on October 10. This race is to replace my beloved Mount Scott 5k, but should still be a blast as many racers (yours truly included) will be racing while being dressed as superheros! Bring on the SPANDEX! not really a good thing.
  1. Run Weatherford YMCA's annual 'Chili Run', although I don't know the date, I am sure it will prove to be yet another great race!
  2. Run Arnett Chamber's inaugural 5k! This is monumental for me, my passion of running meeting my hometown!!! Couldn't get better than this!
  3. And lastly enjoy training for all these wonderful events, beside all the amazing people I have come to know and grow closer to due to this sport.
Back to the Chickamauga race, this race will serve several purposes;
One, I will be using this race as a 'training' run for my 2011 season!
Two, I will knock Georgia off my 'states to do' list and end the year with only forty-five remaining!!! Third, it will be yet another opportunity to spend some time encouraging and running with my good friend Kelsey (who ran New Orleans with in February and who also just yesterday morning had breakfast with myself and Jamie in the great town of Weatherford, OK!)
And fourth, but certainly not last (drumroll please) I will be (hopefully) running the first portion of this race with the 'Great' Jamie Leigh Rice!

SO...on to 2011.
This is my tentative schedule and respective personal goals:
  • January 16 - P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon; Scottsdale, AZ

  • April 30 - Country Music Marathon; Nashville, TN

  •  June 25 (Happy Birthday Dad) - Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon; Seattle WA

  • September 5 - Rock 'n' Roll Marathon; Virginia Beach, VA
(Not encouraging the beer in the shoes, but rather the sand around the shoes...and the relaxation of a small vacation and a great run!!!)

  • December 5 - Rock 'n' Roll Marathon; Las Vegas, NV

SO! A few notes in closing!!!
  1. YOU are invited to each one of these... (just let me know in advance)
  2. Feel free to ask how training/running/racing is going
  3. If you are interested in running or racing please let me know, I would love to help get you started (just ask Brantley, Joshua, Jamie, Erin, Kyle, or Allen, they all know)
  4. Why all the "Rock 'n' Roll" races...because if I do complete them all I get this on top!


Rock Star

Complete FIVE Rock ‘n’ Roll events (1/2 or full marathons) in a calendar year and earn the medal as proof of your ROCKSTAR status.


Duane Scott said...

I don't know how you do it. Man. I need your inspiration. Congrats on the goals!

OklahomaBrad said...

Thanks for the comment Marty.
However, realize two things...one, all five races my not get completed. And two, you are far better at writing regularly...so I need your inspiration! :)

Hope you are doing well, Sir.

Duane Scott said...

Your comment got me thinking. You are responsible for the following :)

I am with you. I AM consistent with writing.

I am NOT consistent with exercising.

Why not combine the two? So... I started a blog for my fitness.

Ya. This should be an interesting disaster.