23 July, 2010

On Paths.

A stream. A river. A trickle.

Water, will travel where it traveled yesterday. As will you. People, like water, will travel the path which is found simplest. This path, this is the path you are on.

Please, look around. What was your yesterday, what was your today?

My path is one of sin. As is yours. That is what we have throughout our lives. Because of Adam's first sin, we too walk this way.  My gravest error it at times seems is not my sinful state in of itself, but rather, my acceptance of that state.

To break free of this acceptance, is only to be able through choosing. Choosing is only able through a low and contrite heart. A low and contrite heart, can only be given by the Holy Spirt through Christ's death on the cross. No amount of effort or talk by me, changes my heart.

So the choice is not, to change, but to give all my will to Him. So that, He makes me more like Him!

'Lord, constantly guide my life. Take me from paths not of Your will.'
'Lord, that my life might be fully given to You. Please, take it, all of it. i fall, daily, and in all i do. Please forgive me, and continue this work that You have begun in me until i am found complete by You. Thank  You for Your abounding grace, and Your precious Gift.'

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